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socializing strives to keep artists independent- helping artists achieve their full potential while putting their creative freedoms ahead of everything. in other words, we put our community first.

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socializing strives to keep artists independent- helping artists achieve their full potential while putting their creative freedoms ahead of everything. in other words, we put our community first. but what does that mean?

what is socializing?We call ourselves a label because we do the things a typical label does ie: distribution, physicals, etc. However, as much as we promote ourselves as a label we take absolute pride in going against everything a typical label stands for. Our goal isn’t to profit - it’s to create a group that can mutually support and benefit each other. We believe that art comes first, that we should just be helping each other make art that succeeds, and that artists deserve to have full control of their work. The goal of Socializing is to protect the creative liberties of our artists while also hopefully helping achieve what we believe is the fullest potential of any given piece of art placed in our care. We believe in working against the commodification of art to create an environment that exists solely to protect and sustain. Most of all, we believe in our artists and our community.Our slogan is unique in action for a reason - we completely believe that from the moment you view our work, you will be able to tell why we set ourselves apart from a typical label. We hope you can see that as well.- Nishith & Cam

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genres: shoegaze, noise pop, electronic, IDM, indie, hip-hop

nishith is a 17 year old artist from Baltimore, MD.

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Wonder XO

genre: electronic indie

WONDER XO's mind seems to know no limits - with a stellar discography of solo songs and features at the age of 16 already. Wonder takes pride in his ability to shift soundscapes to fit whatever mangled yet radiant universe he wants his listeners to exist inside of. With influences from all over the world of music, there's no knowing where you'll be taken next, but the next chapter begins in 2023 - with yet another instalment in the universe that everyone should be watching.

just say that

a two pack by wonder xo, featuring kitz on song 1.


genres: experimental, rap, pop

Rapping and art have always been passions for A1TH- a 15 year old artist from Ashburn, who got his start from Quadeca's viral rapper series at the age of 12 years old. A1TH has since been constantly improving from his debut album Who Am I?, having released 3 albums since - none of which he currently connects or empathizes with as his newer bodies of (unreleased) work completely reflect his true capacity and talent. A1TH hopes to create something true to himself but more importantly just wants to use music as an outlet - and wants to do it with his friends.

a new ep by A1TH
dropping march 23rd
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prelude freestyle




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genres: indie, art pop

elliofo is a 19-year-old artist from Oklahoma- an impressive songwriter with a unique ability to make intriguing yet original sounds that stand out from the crowd. don’t let Elliofo’s barren discography fool you; Elliott is perfecting his skills and is currently working on his debut album - calm before the storm.

coming soon

unfortunately, we have no projects out with elliofo currently.


genres: hyperpop/digicore

kitz is a 17-year-old artist from Ohio, and a talented kid who's creativity shines on sounds cultivated by popular artists in the hyperpop scene while staying true to his own sound. kitz originally started music at age 12, on a now-defunct account, where he made hip-hop/rap songs, but at 15 he set the account aside to start making music on brokitz, where he now primarily posts on soundcloud, using his voice and overall inventiveness to create catchy but poignant songs that will take you for a ride no matter when or how you listen.

a collection of hidden emotion

a new ep by kitz. stream now!

devil's advocate





genres: rock, shoegaze, ambient/drone, hyperpop

quedronol is a young and promising artist from the bay area, taking from their multiple inspirations and meshing genres to create beautiful blends with raw but powerful vocals that shine in their production.

Both of us

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Keno Kaizo

genres: alternative hip-hop

Keno Kaizo is nothing if not a dire perfectionist, working hard to make songs just how he wants them - even if they take months on end to create. His spirit and ambition to create waves in rap with his unique style- taking inspiration from Tyler The Creator and other alt hip-hop artists and blending them with other completely different genres to create something special- is something to look out for as his discography continues to grow.


the first song from Keno Kaizo - after almost a year of hard work. presave now.

Solomon Rennie

genres: alternative hip-hop, indie pop, trap/rap

Since the release of his debut EP "!", Solomon Rennie's been working for years on two different projects - both of which are being curated to perfection as Sol works to create the vision and potential he's seen in himself since he started making music. The 20-year old artist from Scotland simply asks for patience as he perfects these projects - he's working tirelessly to produce a classic and we can say firsthand that the work will pay off.

coming soon

*unfortunately, we have no projects out with solomon rennie currently. *



Fioritura [CD]


espiritu [propyl CD]


please be patient

please be patient

please be patient





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S002 "Fioritura" - Quedronol [CD]

Compact disc in a jewel case for Quedronol's sophomore album Fioritura.Includes 9 tracks:
Walden (with CRIM$ON)
Fawn (with nishith)
Contortion dream
Can you see it?
Sudden death
Cross my fingers (with Wonder XO)
Sudbury (the pasture song)
Forever and ever
Total runtime: 47:02Genre: Folk, electronic, ambient, noiseReleased through Socializing. Created by Quedronol, 2023.

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